Rule of Rose Doujins

In spite of its commercial trouble, Rule of Rose has enjoyed a dedicated and creative cult following. Over the years there have been a lot of fanworks released. Unfortunately, a lot of these are hard to come by nowadays. Some, like the ones below, only exist online as incomplete ‘samples’ posted on websites like Pixiv. While they are only a handful of pages from larger doujins, they still have a lot of nice artwork. If you happen to read this and know anything about the full doujins, please do let me know.

Memory of Rose

Translation: u/Portraitofaromantic
Lettering: u/Yosgoroth

A rose is a rose is a rose

Translation: u/Portraitofaromantic and Myself
Lettering: u/Yosgoroth

(Unknown title)

Translation: u/Portraitofaromantic
Lettering: u/Yosgoroth


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